About the "Association of Enugu Football Legends"

The Association of Enugu Football Legends (AEFL) is a global Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The members of this association are ex- footballers mostly in diaspora who started their football career in Coal City (042), Enugu State Nigeria. This Association (AEFL) has been strong and formidable in trying to alleviate and rebuild lives of the less privileged especially those ex-players who are suffering and have nothing to fall back to after their football career.

Nelson Madiba Mandela once said that ‘’it always looks impossible until it is done’’. This idea originated from ex-players, men of integrity with great positive minds who count themselves privileged and decided to take the bull by the horn to come together and give back to the less privileged ex-players and the society in general.

What We Do At AEFL:

The primary purpose of forming the Association of Enugu Football Legends (AEFL) is to extend helping hands to former players who face difficult times financially due to economic hardships. Also this association aims to empower the youth by providing opportunities for them to thrive both academically and in sports thereby reducing their exposure to crimes encountered in the streets. They suffer a lack of empowerment and direction towards a good cause and hence is mitigated by organizing sport symposiums and education awareness periodically.

This association aims to socialize and raise funds for these charitable endeavours and also supports the less privileged. AEFL has been raising funds for good causes since 2015 for local, national, and international charities through public awareness and events where fans and the public will have a chance to meet their heroes.

Vision &


Touching the lives of others especially our former football friends who are desperately in need and promoting youth football in our localities in Nigeria and Globally.

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